Sunday, June 29

The Last Sunday

Tonight was my last Sunday at my job. I have worked every Sunday for almost 6 years. (I took a brief hiatus while working at a different position.) In general, I hate working weekends because they limit my social/family life - to say the least. However, Sundays are a little different. The work load is light and the 4 of us just sit around talking. It is one of the ways that my co-workers became my friends.

But tonight was the last one. I tried to pretend like it wasn't a big deal, but truthfully, it's strange. No more discussions about movies, books, news. No more laughing hysterically at each other's personal stories. No more quickly wiped away tears at another's problems. I'm hopeful that I will have the same success with future co-workers, but I am still leaving all of it behind, and I know that those experiences will never be duplicated.

I cried a little, but only after I left the building.

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