Friday, June 13

In a Rush

Traffic seems to have some sort of mental breakdown when I'm in a hurry. Today I was rushing to get to a Ladies Luncheon. I would not have been leaving late, if it hadn't been for a slight wardrobe malfunction. BUT, as I was leaving late, I was hurrying. A simple jump onto the freeway ended up throwing me into a slew of cars moving at 65 miles per hour. What the hell? The speed limit is 65. Why is the fast lane going the speed limit? And why are all the other lanes moving at the same rate? The freeway is transformed into a single moving body - traveling in unison.

It's a mystery. And this unfortunate phenomenon always seems to happen when I'm in a rush to get to my destination. There are few things I hate more than people driving slow. If you're too stupid and/or scared to drive fast in the fast lane - get out of the fast lane. If you're too stupid and/or scared to move out of the fast lane - don't get in it. If you're too stupid and/or scared to drive on the freeway - don't. Just don't do it. Stick to city streets and enjoy your leisurely pace to wherever it is you're going with plenty of time to spare. I, however, am in a pretty big fucking hurry. Please get out of my way.

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