Wednesday, June 4

It's Smart

I love the Smart Car. I don't care what anyone else says about the gas mileage or size. They are cool because they are adorable! Did you know that you can actually purchase (for the low price of $500) a set of interchangeable panels to make color swaps a breeze? I, of course, would like white (for regularness) and pink (for fun). See absolutely fabulous Hello Kitty Smart Car below...

There is a question, however. Would I actually drive a Smart Car? Probably not in America. Vehicles here are big - we acutally allow Hummers to parade around on public roads as if we are in a constant state of perpetual seige. A Smart Car would be no match against said Hummer. I would, literally, be smashed flat and unlikely to survive any head to head match up. And what about all those crazy semis? They speed around in the fast lane at 85 miles per hour - how would they see a teeny tiny (albeit super cute) Smart Car? No matter how smart the Smart Car is, when it comes to the road, brawns wins over brains.

But they are still the cutest car to date. I give it a +5. Hooray!

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Kenley's Korner said...

I love these and the mini cooper, they just put me in a laughable mood!