Saturday, June 28

Creativity In the Early Dawn

Okay. One of the blogs I love is having a contest to take a real-life book title and make it less than fabulous. The title that makes Ms. Wendy Molyneux (the contest controller) laugh the hardest wins 4 books that she has "deemed funny," including her own: "Everything is Wrong with You: The Modern Woman's Guide to Finding Self Confidence Through Self Loathing." See Wendy Molyneux's own list of faux titles (and the contest rules...if you feel like playing as well) here. Then, read the rest of her posts, as they are hilarious, and then bookmark her blog and add it to your daily reading. Tom and I had a grand time thinking up titles last night.
  • Human Soup for the Chicken's Soul
  • 30 Minute Meals: Cooking for Little People
  • Mao and Other Animal Sounds
  • Look Me in the Brown Eye: My Life with Ass Burgers
  • Born Lying Down: A Passive Aggressive's Life

Wish me luck!


Johanna said...

Friends, I lost. The winning title was "As I Lay Tired." Complete bullshit.

Wilson Way said...

I love her blog, too! I just started reading it last night. It reminded me of Teresa. What did you think of the pilot that they shot? I think I would watch it.