Thursday, May 12

Invader Day #2

All right. The mouse traps are set, complete with peanut butter, which the mouse trap instructions tell us is best. We have one mouse but we put out two in different places. The traps say "100% Guarantee!" so how can we go wrong?

Nothing caught.

I was really looking forward to a dead mouse this morning. If we don't catch the bastard by tomorrow morning, we're switching to the glue traps. I know I'm a vegetarian and I get caught up in ethics causes but I don't care if you hate me for using them or if the world thinks I'm a terrible person; mice do not belong in my house infecting us all with the hantavirus (which I didn't know was one word until I googled it -- ha!). I will use whatever I can to get rid of them. Invaders beware, if you come to my house, you will get fucked up.

Worst of all, the puppy ran in, saw the peanut butter and tried to eat it which made the trap close on her widdle lip.

Poor puppy.
Asshole mouse.


Wednesday, May 11


Hold your trousers: we have a mouse in the house.


This morning my husband opened the door to the back bedroom and saw a something-fast run away from the bag his sandwich from the previous night had been in. He looked all around but didn't see anything so he took the bag into the kitchen where he discovered the packaged crackers had been nibbled into. And then, if we needed more proof, we found MOUSE DROPPINGS in the bottom of the bag. Can I just say, this mouse is an asshole. It's not enough that he breaks into our home and consumes our crackers (albeit undesired and probably would have been thrown away crackers), he has to leave two little shits behind. Thanks.

I'm sure this happened because we leave the door to the backyard open for the puppy in the afternoon, sometimes for hours; she enjoys running in and out of the house) but this practice will have to stop if MICE are going to consider it an open invitation. Now we have the unfortunate task -- and enormous pain in the ass -- of catching said mouse and ensuring we are rid of all pests. I find my mind recalling the episode of Sex & the City where Mikhail Baryshnikov kills the mouse in Carrie's kitchen with a frying pan. I suppose I'll have to arm myself. I have no qualms about employing any type of mouse trap; frying pan, sticky paper, the killing kind that snap their heads off. And then I'll chuck the lifeless body in the bin with glee.

I hate uninvited guests.

Tuesday, May 10

Lovely Sentiments

To see the Summer Sky
is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie --
True Poems flee
-- Emily Dickinson


Friday, May 6

What to Wear

I've been thinking for several years that I need to establish a "style." Mine is already fairly steady; lots of tailored '50sish things paired with ruffly fluffy fun things. But I hate waking up and feeling like I don't know what to wear. And standing in front of my closet, naked, trying to pick out an outfit while the clock ticks on and I become later and later to whatever event it is that I'm trying to get dressed for. Of course, the problem with making a style for yourself is that you may end up limiting your wardrobe choices. I mean, I already don't wear brown -- with the exception of one fabulous dress that I bought years ago at Ross for like $17. (Totally worth it; I have paired the dress with different fun shoes and worn it to many parties.) But once again, I'm starting to come around to the idea that looking chic is easier when it's effortless and thoughtless, when your pieces fit together easily and you can just grab and go.

While researching, I ran across this handy guide @ Real Simple and it was inspiring. Everything on the basics list looked so attainable. And using this equally handy checklist, I am now in the process of deducing what will be the new ME style. I'm thinking lots of black basics paired with bright colorful accessories with some fabulous shirts/skirts/dresses thrown in with the lot. Also, I think it's time to invest in less black footwear and more colors and prints. On a Wednesday I might wear black dress pants, black cardigan, and black camisole punched up with a bright coral scarf around my neck to work. Then, when going out on the weekend I'd wear, say, dark jeans with pink pumps and a black t-shirt with a pink flower pin -- matching the shoes, of course. My goal is to simplify my choices and make it so everything pieces together effortlessly. The simplicity will make me look fabulous everywhere I go and make everyone I meet say, "I love what you're wearing."

Wednesday, May 4

Three's Company

I'm always on the lookout for great reading material and happened to stumble upon Three Books; a special series by NPR listing three books tied with a common theme. It caught my eye because of this theme: Three Moms Who Make Your Mothering Seem Perfect -- in honor of Mother's Day. And the books sound like highly enjoyable reads, each mom dealing with struggles within themselves and their daughter's struggles, as well as their own personal demons. Plus, if your mom is a reader, this set of three may make a wonderful gift. What a nice way to tell your mom you love her; give her these books and say, "You were the better mother."

In addition to these three, I'll for sure be checking out the Gutsy Heroines triple play and the Racy Reads menage a trois.