Thursday, May 12

Invader Day #2

All right. The mouse traps are set, complete with peanut butter, which the mouse trap instructions tell us is best. We have one mouse but we put out two in different places. The traps say "100% Guarantee!" so how can we go wrong?

Nothing caught.

I was really looking forward to a dead mouse this morning. If we don't catch the bastard by tomorrow morning, we're switching to the glue traps. I know I'm a vegetarian and I get caught up in ethics causes but I don't care if you hate me for using them or if the world thinks I'm a terrible person; mice do not belong in my house infecting us all with the hantavirus (which I didn't know was one word until I googled it -- ha!). I will use whatever I can to get rid of them. Invaders beware, if you come to my house, you will get fucked up.

Worst of all, the puppy ran in, saw the peanut butter and tried to eat it which made the trap close on her widdle lip.

Poor puppy.
Asshole mouse.


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