Friday, May 6

What to Wear

I've been thinking for several years that I need to establish a "style." Mine is already fairly steady; lots of tailored '50sish things paired with ruffly fluffy fun things. But I hate waking up and feeling like I don't know what to wear. And standing in front of my closet, naked, trying to pick out an outfit while the clock ticks on and I become later and later to whatever event it is that I'm trying to get dressed for. Of course, the problem with making a style for yourself is that you may end up limiting your wardrobe choices. I mean, I already don't wear brown -- with the exception of one fabulous dress that I bought years ago at Ross for like $17. (Totally worth it; I have paired the dress with different fun shoes and worn it to many parties.) But once again, I'm starting to come around to the idea that looking chic is easier when it's effortless and thoughtless, when your pieces fit together easily and you can just grab and go.

While researching, I ran across this handy guide @ Real Simple and it was inspiring. Everything on the basics list looked so attainable. And using this equally handy checklist, I am now in the process of deducing what will be the new ME style. I'm thinking lots of black basics paired with bright colorful accessories with some fabulous shirts/skirts/dresses thrown in with the lot. Also, I think it's time to invest in less black footwear and more colors and prints. On a Wednesday I might wear black dress pants, black cardigan, and black camisole punched up with a bright coral scarf around my neck to work. Then, when going out on the weekend I'd wear, say, dark jeans with pink pumps and a black t-shirt with a pink flower pin -- matching the shoes, of course. My goal is to simplify my choices and make it so everything pieces together effortlessly. The simplicity will make me look fabulous everywhere I go and make everyone I meet say, "I love what you're wearing."

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