Thursday, July 21


I'm antsy.

I want to be on vacation.
A long drive for reading and chatting.
Stop in Vegas for people watching and the best sort of time wasting.
A week at the beach with sun and sand,
morning bike rides to brunch,
shady oceanside naps,
non-stop mojito sipping,
rolls in the hay.

I can't wait
but I have to wait.
I hate to wait.

Wednesday, July 13


The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us.
Only that day dawns to which we are awake.
There is more day to dawn.
The sun is but a morning star.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 11

Best Face Forward

For those of you who know me personally you know that I worry a lot about my face. Is it looking old? Am I mushing it too much? Should I be washing it more? And you know that I have very strong feelings about faces and what we should and shouldn't do to them. But really, I'm pretty lucky in the skin department and I find that as careful as I am, I sometimes abuse my face. Case in point: every morning I have to lick (that's right LICK) a cotton swab and wipe away the mascara schmearings that have left their traces overnight. So obviously I go to sleep with my makeup on. However. I don't want to push my good fortune and as I continuously age (every day by painful day) I want to make sure my face looks as fanastic as possible.

That said: I don't want to go crazy. I want easy, low-maintenance, skin care that won't turn me into a mirror obsessed woman. I like to go for periods of time where I abstain from makeup and when you're not wearing makeup your FACE has to look great all on its own; great meaning firm and dewy and delicious. The other day I looked at a picture of me wearing no make up and I looked ... not old ... but sort of tired, not my freshest and most appealing. I knew that the day would come when I would have to invest more time into maintaining my face, and that time is now.

I've heard super good stuff about the Olay line of anti-aging skin care so I went to their website and did an online skin care consultation. The consultation is just an in-depth questionnaire about what you expect from your products, what skin type you are, and how much work you're willing to do. Then you receive a nice laundry list of what products they recommend for you to use. Here's mine:
An anti-aging face wash that cleans "down to the pores"

A regenerating serum for pre-moisturizer application

Daily moisturizer for fighting the 7 signs of aging

I'm very excited to pick up these products and start using them. Apparently the serum is supposed to be SO awesome -- just read the reviews -- making your skin smooth and soft as baby bums. The Olay site also recommended an eye serum but that seemed like too much and I'll probably only use the regenerating serum in the mornings after I babywipe my face because I only wash my face in the shower because my skin is so flippin' dry I can overwash it, regardless of how gentle the soap is. I know that this goes against every piece of skincare advice out there, but one also has to listen to one's face. My face says, "if you wash me every day, I will crack." And I want to love the skin I'm in, not torture it. Well, not yet anyway.

Sunday, July 10


I miss ballet today.
I don't miss it all the time,
and I don't miss the aching body
or blistered feet
or the cost of new pointe shoes.

But I do miss the feeling of
making your body do something
absolutely beautiful.
I love the art of ballet.
I love the discipline.
I love being a part of its world.

Saturday, July 9

Neverending Reading

I just added nine -- count 'em NINE -- new books to my reading list.

I sometimes feel like I never have enough time to read everything I want. And believe me, I'm discerning. Just because a book has received rave reviews isn't necessarily enough for me. It has to catch my mood just right. It has to draw me in with exactly what I'm itching for: wit, prose, humour, love, suspense, junk, escape. I read all genres and it's not very often that I won't finish a book, even if it's less than engaging and it's slow going from page one. I don't read or like everything I pick out for myself but I think that's part of the joy of reading, i.e., hitting some real snoozers/ickies.

If you haven't noticed, my 'waiting on the bookshelf' list has been steadily growing despite my reading quite voraciously. This year I've already finished twenty-one books and the year is barely half over. At this rate I may read fifty books by New Year's. My intense affair with reading wasn't always so hot and bothered. I went through a period in junior high where I read nothing but required school stuff -- and even then it was lots of skimming and Cliff's notes. During high school (and thanks to my then-boyfriend/future-husband) I started reading again and after my data entry job, which entailed listening to hundreds of audiobooks to occupy my mind for hours on end (I'm still addicted to audiobooks and I always have one on my iPhone to entertain me during shopping excursions, dish washing, laundry folding, road trips, and on and on), my fling with literature became a solid romance. I received my BA in English and even though I'm getting my MBA, I have a secret (or not so secret) fantasy that I eventually get my Masters of Fine Arts, write poetry, a national bestseller, and begin an exclusive book club. My entire life would be nothing but reading and writing and discussing literature ... and maybe, just maybe then, I'd start to grow sick of reading.

So my mountain of books waiting to be read will *hopefully* always continue to grow. That way the pain of finishing a truly marvelous novel and the pain of a truly horrible book will be dulled by the neverending possibility of a truly unforgettable novel being the next one on the pile.

Friday, July 8


  • My friend Kitty Kat posted this on my wall tonight. Why? No idea.

  • Kat 
    When you go to the delicatessen store,
    Don't buy the liverwurst,
    Don't buy the liverwurst.
    I repeat what I just said before,
    Don't buy the liverwurst,
    Don't buy the liverwurst.

    Oh buy the corned beef if you must,
    The pickled herring you can trust,
    And the lox puts you in orbit A-OK.
    But that big hunk of liverwurst
    Has been there since October First,
    And today is the Twenty-Third of May!

    So when you go to the delicatessen store,
    Don't buy the liverwurst,
    Don't buy the liverwurst.
    It'll make your insides awfully sore!
    Don't buy the liverwurst.
    Don't buy the liverwurst!
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      • Kat I seem to remember slightly different lyrics...
        25 minutes ago · 
      • Johanna This is the most random thing ever. Ever. I'm going to blog this.
        about a minute ago · 


Can't think of anything.
So this is a fluff post.
Pure fluff. No substance.
Hope you find it enjoyable.
Love, Me

Tuesday, July 5

Boise Weekend Recap

  1. Excellent driving time -- 4.25 hours -- and no speeding ticket
  2. Tom read 2/3 of Harry Potter Book 2, all of 3, and 200 pages of 4
  3. Mom and Dad got lost on the way to the hotel
  4. Uncle Alan had the flu
  5. My little brother can swim all by himself in the pool
  6. But he swallowed a lot of water and got kinda sick
  7. We listened to some great live music
  8. We took a walk by the beautiful riverside
  9. The bar gave us 3 free drinks
  10. Ate breakfast at an adorable cafe called The Egg Factory
  11. Met a very friendly dog who drove a taxi
  12. Visited with loved ones
  13. Enjoyed our mini-getaway