Friday, December 30

Year in Review

Before things get crazy and I party in 2012 like a mad woman, I figured I'd best make ONE teensy post in December and close out the year we all have come to know and love: 2011.
  • I went back to school for my MBA. I took the scary GMAT. I wrote the stupid entrance essay. I found the money ... despite no help from my employer. And I survived the first semester. Now I'm just 5 semesters away from a six-figure salary and the glorious life of someone really important.
  • I gained some weight. Not awesome, but still noteworthy, I think.
  • I met a new side of my mother-in-law.
  • The puppy turned 2.
  • Tom and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.
  • I finished making my mom's afghan that I started 3 years ago.
  • We went to San Diego and beached and sunned and funned our little asses off.
  • My left knee got sunburnt.
  • We watched the entire Sopranos series beginning to end.
  • None of the people we liked won Survivor.
  • My friend, who's been wanting one her entire life, decided to get a nose job. I don't think she needs it.
  • My brother is almost as tall as me.
  • I started using Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook ad nauseum.
  • I got a pedicure every month.
  • Our best couple friend split up.
  • We had sex nearly 200 times this year. Not bad for an old married couple.
  • I read 34 books. 37, actually.
  • We tried lots of new restaurants.
  • Our landlord installed a new dishwasher that sucks.

Come on 2012.
I'm just waiting for more school,
new books to read,
new people to meet,
new movies to see,
good TV to veg out with, 
another year of love and loved ones and life in general.