I am a whirling dervish
I own too much jewelry
I eat an apple every day
I'm obsessed with lists
I hate people who are boring
Target is my favorite store
I think it would be fun to "walk the earth"
I love to dance at the club
I don't wear deodorant because I never need it
Someday I will learn to play the cello
I used to hate peanut butter
Everyone should sing in the car -- even those who can't carry a tune
I'm a ballerina at heart
But I'm only 5' tall
I wish I lived in Paris
I hate onions
I like to eat alone in restaurants while I read; it makes me feel mysterious
Dirty fingernails are my biggest pet peeve
I have a satin pillowcase
I never tan because I am afraid of skin damage
I crochet and sew but only in a cool modern-woman way
I take daily naps with my husband and puppy
I never wipe away my tears
I am trying to be a runner
I like storage boxes from Ikea
I always speed but never in a school zone
'Friends' is the best sitcom
Overindulgence is required at times