Tuesday, July 5

Boise Weekend Recap

  1. Excellent driving time -- 4.25 hours -- and no speeding ticket
  2. Tom read 2/3 of Harry Potter Book 2, all of 3, and 200 pages of 4
  3. Mom and Dad got lost on the way to the hotel
  4. Uncle Alan had the flu
  5. My little brother can swim all by himself in the pool
  6. But he swallowed a lot of water and got kinda sick
  7. We listened to some great live music
  8. We took a walk by the beautiful riverside
  9. The bar gave us 3 free drinks
  10. Ate breakfast at an adorable cafe called The Egg Factory
  11. Met a very friendly dog who drove a taxi
  12. Visited with loved ones
  13. Enjoyed our mini-getaway

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