Tuesday, June 24

Something Stuck in the Teeth

I hate it when I think I have something stuck in my teeth. Of course, this always happens when I don't have ready access to a mirror or a husband (whom I can simply turn to and ask).

The scenario usually goes as follows: I have just completed a food object. Then, someone needs to speak with me. Oh no. No time for a cleansing drink, not even gum. I am distracted through the entire conversation because of the fear that a particle is smiling at the other person. Having food in one's teeth is embarassing and gross. People wonder, "How long has that been there?" (Please see Emperor's New Groove if you didn't get this reference.) And they would be in the right. If you don't have the common sense to think about stuck food, you deserve the awkward you've-got-something-in-your-teeth talk and then the embarassing "here?" "here?" "did I get it?" All the while moving your tongue about in your mouth like a bovine. Eventually I just give up trying to tell people where it is because I don't want to keep watching.

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