Thursday, June 19

I'm Asleep

Our friend called today at 11:30 am. He asked if I was sleeping or if I had just woken up. I had. Last night I slept for almost 11 hours. Did I feel particularly tired? Not really. But as soon as I started sleeping, I felt myself getting very very sleepy. If you call Tom and me on any given day, chances are we either just woke up, were sleeping, or were about to take a nap. Sleep is a relaxing past time that we particpate in with regularity. Our current lifestyle (that is, the lifestyle of waiting) allows for naps and sleeping in and lying around in bed for no reason whatsoever. I love nothing more than to wake up, read a little, and then go back to sleep, all the while Tom is sleeping next to me. Perhaps our bed is extra comfortable, or perhaps we are just extra comfortable while sleeping, but it is a habit we won't soon abandon.

For a while, I was so busy I didn't have time for any of these sleeping habits. I woke up and then ran around like a crazy person all day long. Fortunately (and unfortunately) that time of school/work/no freetime is over. I'm not opposed to being busy; rather, I enjoy it immensely. But two years of it is too much for even me. And now my pace is more relaxed, so I'm more relaxed, and I'm sleeping more.

If you call and no one answers, we're probably asleep.

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