Tuesday, June 3

The Strangest Thing

Today when I was waiting at the car emissions/inspection place, I noticed that the man in the corner had an oxygen tank. He was thin and older - and I could hear his shallow breathing over the intermittent whhhrrr of his tank. His hands looked incredibly capable, as if he should be doing the inspections rather than paying someone else. It's not often you see people on portable oxygen tanks. He had a cute backpack to carry it in. After noting oxygen man, I continue reading my book. Lo and behold, what do I see at the counter? Another oxygen man. Carrying tank in cute backpack. Same slightly thin/burly build. Same capable hands. Are they related? Brothers? Lovers, perhaps, who also shared a love of smoking so that now they have matching portables?

No. They are completely separate. Secondary oxygen man pays and leaves. Original oxygen man then goes up to the counter to pay as well. As he turns to leave, he forgets his backpack. But remembers when he remembers that it is attached to his nose via hose.


chanel said...

Cool, I'm glad you got your own blog because the one from class wasn't working well at all.

And I like your love/hate theme, it makes your blog more interesting.

Enjoy writing and I will keep reading!

-Chanel (I guess if you were the Asian girl from class then I was the Mormon girl.)

Wilson Way said...

I don't know why, but I laughed at this post....I hope it doesn't mean I am going to hell. I just pictured the first oxygen man finding out he was attached to his oxygen the same way the girl in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" remembers she is attached to her phone....