Wednesday, June 18

No Cavities

I have no cavities. Yay! Today we went to one of my most favorite places: the dentist's office. I love going to the dentist because
  1. your teeth get super duper clean
  2. the consistent care of your teeth pays off when you don't have any cavities
  3. you are complimented on white teeth and beautiful gums

You also receive a new toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste. As well as peace of mind that your teeth are healthy and plaque free.

It is rumored that dentists have the highest suicide rate because of the long standing cultural discomfort of going to the dentist. For example, the dentist asks, "How are you doing today?" and the patient replies, "Well, I'm here, so not very good." Obviously that would make a person a little sad day after day. As much as I love the dentist (and my enthusiasm is perhaps as high as possible), I understand this sentiment; I hate flouride treatments, and getting cavities drilled out and then filled is very awkward/painful. However, dentists often go unappreciated for the excellent service they provide for society. Even though certain aspects of dentistry are undesirable, they are necessary for oral health. The next time you're at the dentist, don't forget to rinse, spit, and say "thank you."

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MT said...

Except dentists can often lie about the number of cavities you have just to keep their office running. I think it's scary because it's so hard to trust people in this world. But, I admit dentists are neccessary. And, it does feel great having a plaque-free smile!