Sunday, June 22

New Shoes

I need a new pair of shoes.

Yesterday I bought a fabulous new dress; a pretty coral color, super summery. However, I have no shoes to go with it. Picture my beautiful dress with my hated black flats which I am forced to wear to work (because of the stupid dress code) and then out to dinner with friends (because I don't have time to change). They just don't go. I have my adorable green sandals, but the green and coral clash. And I have 5 or so pairs of various black pumps, but they seem too harsh for the breezy look. So, the solution is:

The combination of pink and orange flowers will go with everything that my green sandals do not. They are perfect for cool whites, bright oranges, and perky pinks. Barring extreme discomfort at the initial try-on (although that rarely deters me) I think I'll buy them tomorrow.


Johanna said...

By the way, these shoes were not satisfactory. I was debating, and then I saw a hideously dressed woman come in wearing the shoes. It's a no-go, friends.

longge said...