Tuesday, June 17


Men, in general, have very few "mandatory" grooming habits. The gist of what they MUST do is shave (and sometimes only half their face, depending on the style of their facial hair), brush their teeth, wash their hands, shower, cut their hair. All other things are just for fun - like coloring hair, growing fancy facial hair, shaving body hair and so on. Because of this short list of requirements, it ultra-disgusts me when men have the hated bad habit of not clipping their fingernails. It isn't difficult. You simply take out the fingernail clippers once a week and voila! you're finished. If this easy all-in-one step is skipped in a man's short grooming regiment, his hands will quickly turn into a hideous combination of feminine/creepy killer/cocaine addict. Surely all men want to avoid this look - as it doesn't look good.

Somehow most women manage to get their hair colored, shower, shave (in more than one area), paint their nails, get pedicures, whiten their teeth, do their hair in fancy styles, dress super cute, wear uncomfortable shoes and ... the list never ends. Sure some of these things are fun and we women do them because we love it. However, some of it is a pain in the ass (like plucking/waxing our eyebrows) and we still manage to get the shit done.

So please, men out there, cut your fucking fingernails.


Mark said...

What is the criteria for clipped nails anyways? I've heard that clipping really close to the finger is also ... "socially unacceptable" ?

Not that I really care, but I like to be informed on some things.

I'm glad that you omitted combing hair, if I can get away with it, I rarely do that too. :)

I actually think there are some good reasons behind this: Men usually play the protector role in Human societies, and they have to be more competitive in providing for 'family' or showing that they can provide for family. Whereas women have usually been homemakers or the 'beauty'.

Looking back at 50's for an example of the roots of this type of demographic group, we can see how these roles still play a huge influence today: Comparatively looking at Womens magazines and how they are mostly focused on image of self, and image of beauty.

Men are rarely defined as an image of beauty. Why then should we be held to the same constraints ?

--Mark :)

PS: I can understand getting GQ'd up for special occasions, but why all the time? It seems like a silly mating call to me.

Johanna said...

Mark - Your thoughts are very interesting. Man = slob because of some sort of social evolution. I think it makes a sad sense. Well, I suppose I shouldn't say "slob"...perhaps "un GQ'd" is better. Thank you for pointing out an important feature about fingernail requirements. The ideal fingernail should be cut so that minimal white is visible. And don't get me started on bitten fingernails (yuck!)

As far as men being held to the same constraints as women I would point out 2 reasons:

1. women and men should be working towards equality - including equality of expectations.

2. in my mind, men don't necessarily need to be "metro" to be clean and groomed, which is what trimmed fingernails indicates, and being seen as clean and groomed is something all humans should strive for. :)

Thanks for reading - and be sure to come back for more!