Tuesday, June 10

End of Day

I am so excited when the work week is done. Tuesday is my Friday, and while at times I hate it, I actually love it because the week flies by. At my job, summers are slow. Being one who is easily bored, I am constantly looking for work, conversation, projects, anything to break up the monotony of being required to stay on task for eight hours. Usually, we have a meeting at the end of our shift which usually runs over which usually makes me get home late. Well, tonight: no meeting! Hooray! I am going home to a warm lasagna, a new episode of "Hell's Kitchen," and a warm husband on the couch. I can't wait.

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Kenley's Korner said...

I have a project for you, actually 2. Kenley's blanket and my purse! You have nothing to be bored about!