Thursday, June 26

@ Costco

Costco is a ginormous store with large quantities of food and weird odds and ends (like rugs or swimming suits). I go regularly for water, tomatoes, apples, and Diet Coke - which I buy en masse. Tom and I often go with my father-in-law and we've been with my sister-in-law. I have, however, never had the pleasure of going with the biggest Costco fan in our family: The Farkles.

Perhaps the most colofrul member of the Farkle family is Taegan. This summer, she's off her ADHD medication which makes her even more (if possible) exciting. The simple shopping cart was turned into a riding apparatus, a ground to be claimed, and a vestibule for organic animal crackers, peaches/mandarin oranges, organic soy milk ("Mom, I hate soy milk," cries Taegan), and various other large quantities of food are thrown in the cart. Nothing was as exciting, though, as the ketchup.

Taegan doesn't really like any condiment other than ketchup. When she was younger (as she is now 7 ... just ask her) she hated it if the ketchup on her plate came in contact with a fry/nugget before she did it herself. Ketchup pre-contact would send her into a tizzy and deem all of the food on her plate un-eatable. Apparently she's been out of ketchup for a while because when her mom bought a huge 3 pack of 32oz. bottles, she exclaimed: "It's a ketchup miracle!"


Wilson Way said...

Aren't you going to miss us?? At least Mitch wasn't there checking on the inventory - making sure we walked around the whole store to look for anything that is not up to the "Costco Code"!! My favorite moments are when he seeks out employees to inform them of something that is not done correctly...aaahhh I hide my face in embarrassment...

Kenley's Korner said...

I am going to miss you guys so much... You have the funniest most random things to say! I am glad your last day is tuesday so we can play or something:)