Friday, June 6

"Hoggle" Zoo

Two months ago I received a short email from my mother. It read:

"Friday June 6 Hoggle Zoo night, 6-9. It would be so fun if you are still here. Love ya" no period.

It was fun. We strolled around at a leisurely pace; the umbrella seconding as a makeshift cane for my mom. Dad bought a silly hat. Austin rode the train two times, rode the carousel on a buffalo (or is it bison?), and danced around in general merriment. Mid-zoo I was struck with the fact that this is it - my entire family. We are completely invested in each other because there is nothing else. This emotional banking is simultaneously beautiful and frightening. The unusualness of my home life can be difficult but in its very randomness is the wonderful design of a family of our own making.

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