Sunday, June 8

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings should be reserved for specific things.

  1. waking when one wants
  2. writing and/or reading
  3. watching the Sunday news shows
  4. eating brunch

My last 8 Sundays have been awful. I have been doing this weight contest thing with my friends at work. I hate it. Originally meant to help inspire us all to lose a specific amount of weight (first 3 pounds and then 2 pounds each week) it has become a dreaded Sunday event. Sunday is weigh day. The day I get to show all my friends just how weak and pathetic I am. I have paid (oh yes, we pay if we don't make the weight) around 70 (that's SEVENTY) dollars - in cash. I am sick to death of not being able to enjoy a Sunday morning with Tom. Because the weigh-in is at work, I can't eat all day. It sounds as awful as it is. No more eggs, no more coffee, no more yummy muffins. Just air. I can't even drink a fucking Diet Coke. The whole situation is just pissing me off. Praise Jesus that today is the last one. Finito. I am done.

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