Sunday, June 15

Shampoo and Conditioner

I use several different shampoos and conditioners throughout the year. I use up one type so I can switch to another and so on. However, I absolutely love my newest "try-on." It's from Herbal Essences - titled "Long Term Relationship." Supposedly, it will keep my long hair healthier and stronger by preventing breakage as well as making it smell super fantastic. BUT the best part by far is the instructions on the back. Who knew that shampoo and conditioner could be so witty? Its wit is what makes me want to keep using it (perhaps even after the bottle is empty) just so I can keep giggling to myself in the shower. Following is the script written on the back of the conditioner bottle:
"I'll give you a Rapunzel complex. With a fusion of red raspberry and satin our love grows longer. I'll give your length the strength against breakage and split ends. You've got longer hair to love. And I've got more love to give. How long will you go without touching it?"

Run out immediately and purchase the correct product line for your hair type and/or hair desires. Or, simply go to the website and get lost in the wit of hair products.

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