Saturday, June 14

In and Out the Spider Door

Tom and I have been house sitting for my mom and dad while they're away. It's been okay - they have more cable channels than we do, and they have surround sound. We decided to do some laundry while we're just chilling at the house. This project required me to stop by the apartment after work to pick up said laundry. I get off work at 10:30 pm. It is always dark - even in the summertime - when I leave the office. I arrive at the apartment to what? A spider in my doorjamb. He had taken up residence in the crevice just to the left above the door handle. Almost perfectly adjacent to the lock. Oh. My. God. I hate spiders. Normally, when faced with a spider of any size, I a) avoid it until it gets too close for avoidance which causes me to b) get scared and wring my hands until I can c) ask Tom to make it disappear. I don't handle them well. And this one (fairly large, about 1/2 an inch long...eeewww) was in perfect "pounce" proximity to my poor little hand that had to open the door. I had to go in and out of the door 4 times. Each time, I opened the door super slow, to avoid upsetting him, and when I went out, I ran out the door and slammed it shut. Each time I shut the door he wiggled, as though indignant at the late hour. I was hoping to make him as uncomfortable as he was making me.

It worked. When I went back the next day, he was gone.

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