Sunday, July 6

Sad Blog

Doesn't my blog look familiar? It's been looking the same, i.e. no new posts, for an entire week now. Well, I've been busy so don't give me too much shit. However, I feel for you (I think I have like 7 readers...) who haven't had something to love or hate for so long.

I'm officially leaving the country. Everything has fallen into place and we are leaving for real. The following things have prevented me from writing:
  1. leaving my job
  2. depression at leaving my job
  3. anxiety about leaving my job
  4. sadness at leaving my coworkers (most of them...MRSA aside)
  5. overwhelming amounts of stuff in my apartment
  6. taking said stuff and minimizing it to 7 tidy pieces of luggage
  7. hanging out with family so we can be sick of each other to ease the parting pain
  8. crying over my soon-to-be-sold car
  9. eating as a coping mechanism
So, you can see why I haven't written. I'm in a total funk. If I thought that I was in limbo before, now I'm in purgatory. Everything is moving so quickly, but I can't remember what day it is so I can't keep up with time so it's (time, that is) slowly slipping away.

This is not to say that I'm not totally thrilled. My friend Conor said Shanghai is "the coolest fucking place in the world" which makes me think I'm pretty fucking lucky to be living there in the near future. I'll feel more like a human being rather than a pack animal when I get myself on the plane and have a cocktail. Until then, I'm hit or miss.

Ahh, stress. It's a killer.

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Wilson Way said...

depends on the cocktail. I don't recommend their menu. My Mojito tasted like shit. I don't think they train them to be bartenders...Have them mix the following:

Peach Schnapps
cranberry Juice
Orange Juice

They probably won't have peach schnapps, but rum will work too...

It's a great drink!

Or try the "Adios Mother Fucker" Here: