Monday, July 21


Oh my god, I love Chinese breakfast. Everyone knows that I've been skipping breakfast for many many years because I don't really like it and I've also been watching my weight for many many years. So, despite breakfast being this like all important fantastic meal that's supposed to help you lose weight and start the day off right and all that jazz, I've been ditching it.

Well, no longer. Here at the hotel they have the most delicious Chinese breakfast ever. Lots of yummy rice, lots of vegetables like cucumbers (which sounds gross, I know, but they're not - they're so fucking good) and yummy little sweet rolls that are the perfect size. Tomatoes and eggs (yeah, that sounds kind of gross too), noodles and baby bok choy, spinach, OH!

I'm about to go to breakfast now. I'm really really hungry. All I've had to eat since yesterday's breakfast is a piece of pizza.

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MT said...

You are making me drool!