Friday, July 11

Bending Over

I'm having so much fun getting ready to leave for Shanghai. I believe that the best thing is getting screwed left and right. I hate dealing with all this bull shit right before we go, but since we're leaving in a half-rush, it can't really be avoided. We lack the time to be calm about things and wait around for anything better. So, which do you think is worse?
  • Selling a car worth $4,000 for a measly $2,600 because of a stupid chunk of ice that you hit accidentally that makes the car squeak.
  • Going to the bank to consolidate your student loans and working with an idiot who tells you that "they don't usually do personal loans for over $15,000 without collateral" and then try to explain that it's a STUDENT LOAN but then give up because she's an idiot.
  • Waiting on hold with the IRS (after calling them every day on the hour - as "due to high call volumes the process you requested cannot be completed") and then have them tell you that your stimulus check, which was supposed to be direct deposited on May 2nd, won't be coming until you're on the other side of the world.
  • Your work approves a 30 day leave of absence so that if things go wrong, you can come right back to your job, but then they change their mind and you stress about it for days and days wondering what to do.

I can't decide...

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Jen said...

sounds like everything is pretty "fucked up"...Hopefully, once you get to Shanghai everything will be much better. Although, getting shit-faced on the plane might help a grea deal.