Thursday, July 31

Difficult Decision

You know that your relationship is good when you talk for 24 hours straight. No breaks, no distractions. Just talking and crying and listening. Making a decision to un-do the goal you've been working towards for years is huge.

Tom and I have decided to come home.

It's more than homesickness and more than missing loved ones; it's knowing ourselves. We wanted to make up our minds before we talked to anyone about returning, because we didn't want to be swayed by other people's opinions. We wanted to do the best thing for us and make sure we had no regrets.

Obviously, it's embarassing, if only because we've put in so much effort. And it is upsetting to realize that our plan will not take us where we wanted, or thought. But we're positive we're making the right choice.

I think my mom said it best: "You made the right decision going - you can just make the right decision again."

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