Monday, July 28

A List of Hates

Things I don't really enjoy (i.e., things I fucking hate) about China:
  1. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, it stinks when you walk down the street.
  2. Lots of honking.
  3. You can't drink the tap water, which isn't a HUGE deal, but it is weird.
  4. You have to wash your face because it's sweatier than usual.
  5. The tiles on the sidewalk are broken.
  6. Stinky people on the subway.
  7. Being potentially poked by a passing umbrella.
  8. Your clothes never smell clean because they've been washed in China water.
  9. You don't have the internet.
  10. And that internet blocks websites.
  11. So you can't talk with anyone at home.
  12. All the things you like cost a lot.
  13. People think you should speak Chinese.
  14. Or they think you should speak Korean.
  15. And you don't speak either.
  16. You're afraid your husband will punch the old men who give you dirty looks for being a "mixed race" couple.
  17. Baby turtles in bowls on the street that are purchased for the purpose of eating.
  18. Sad poor houses.
  19. Sad people sleeping on the sidewalk.
  20. Ketchup or prawn flavored potato chips.
  21. No Diet Coke.

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