Thursday, July 10

Pack More Than Once

If you are planning on taking a trip somewhere that requires an international flight be sure to pack strategically. I usually enjoy packing more than normal people. The process of packing belongings neatly into a suitcase soothes me. The delicious piles of clothing, the ziploc bags filled with toiletries, the curling iron (used before departure) wrapped in a hand towel to protect surrounding items from melting, the sound of the zipper when you close a perfectly packed bag, and the sound of the wheels on the walkway to the airport.

However, my packing zen has recently been interrupted by international flight baggage weight requirements. I had, as previously mentioned ... twice ... a somewhat fabulous closet and that closet contained a somewhat fabulous collection of clothing. I had already gone through all my clothes earlier for the garage sale and removed no-longer desired items. As I began packing I realized that this would not be sufficient "trimming" and that I would need to do more. How much more? A lot.

International flights only allow baggage to weigh up to 44 pounds. Now, I ask you, who can pack all their clothes in one suitcase and NOT have it weigh more than 44 pounds? But, the fees for overweight luggage are extremely high, and as we are already paying to check extra bags, I certainly don't want to pay the per pound price for overages.

So, I'm packing and re-packing my bag until it gets to an acceptable weight. I thought that I hated the scale before (when I was weighing in every Sunday) but now the scale is actually dictating what clothing can come with me. After every weigh in my husband turns to me and shakes his head. Then, I have to carefully take out those perfect piles of clothes and remove items that were desirable until only a few moments ago and pack those, less carefully, in a plastic bag destined for the garbage. Currently, my suitcase weighs in at 52 pounds. Which means I have 8 more pounds of clothing to relocate. I'm beginning to think it's impossible.

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Kenley's Korner said...

Don't throw them away!! I will take them:) LOL This must be torture for you! I know how much you love clothing and shoes.