Sunday, August 3

My Brain Works, I Think

I try to write everyday. But, you know I was totally funked out both before we went to China and whilst there. July has ended, and Blogger told me just how pathetic my writing has been. Only 12 posts for the month. Clearly that is NOT writing everyday. I'm disappointed, but I can't really help the depression of leaving everyone I love, living in China, and then finding out that I'm a little lost in life.

Unlike many writers, I can't write when things are awry in my personal self. In fact, in order to write I need to BE myself. Perhaps it should have been a sign that amongst our prep for departure, I couldn't write. I told myself that the empty blog was due to stress (which is true) and the weirdness of getting ready (also true) but if I recall correctly, I mentioned that I didn't feel like myself. A person should always find their own person familiar, right?

So, a word of advice, if you feel weird, something is weird. If you can't write, your brain probably isn't working. Mine is functioning properly now. I'm back in action and as I am currently unemployed, expect some really exciting posts (insert sarcasm....oh yeah, I'm totally back to normal).

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