Monday, August 11


Who can deny the fabulosity that is ABBA? No one.

When I first started hearing about "Mamma Mia!" (exclamation point built into the title) I was instantly interested because of my intense love of ABBA. However, I never saw the Broadway version, so imagine my excitement when Hollywood made the musical into a movie. My "mamma" and I went to see it today - it was great great great!!!

The following songs made it into the movie; lots of classics and even some B sides. You can preview the soundtrack here. If you don't know these songs, please go out and buy an ABBA CD immediately or go see the movie or you could watch "Muriel's Wedding," as you are missing out on something fantastic.
  • Honey, Honey
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Mamma Mia
  • Dancing Queen
  • Chiquitita
  • Our Last Summer
  • Lay All Your Love On Me
  • Super Trouper
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  • The Name of the Game
  • Voulez-Vous
  • SOS
  • Does Your Mother Know
  • Slipping Through My Fingers
  • The Winner Takes It All
  • When All is Said and Done
  • Take a Chance on Me
  • I Have a Dream
  • Thank You for the Music
No, ABBA, thank YOU for the music.

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Patrick Roberts said...

I was coerced into seeing Mamma Mia (the play), which ended up being great... as for the movie version, sounds fun, though it's awkward to think of ol' Pierce trying to sing, yeeesh