Tuesday, August 5

What's Old is New Again

When you sell / give away the majority of your belongings because you're going to China, you face the problem of having next to no belongings when you return. In particular, you lack a vehicle. At least, a vehicle you can drive yourself.

I never learned how to drive a stick (or 5-speed or manual, whichever you prefer) because when I learned to drive, we had an automatic. And now, I'm sort of handicapped into an automatic because no one owns something I could learn on. My father-in-law is loaning us his old truck to drive around while we get re-settled, well, let me say instead, for my HUSBAND to drive around. It's super irritating to have to be chauffered from place to place like Miss Daisy. I can understand more fully her absolute dismissal of the situation.

Lucky for me - fate smiled and our old car is available to us through a series of random events. Best of all, the old car is "new" and improved. Air conditioning now works, radio now works, belts replaced. How lovely.

A note on the chosen pic: I googled "old and improved" and this gem was #5. Why? Only she knows.

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