Monday, August 4


Tom and I love going to the movies. And we show that love by going...a lot. Obviously, we've been in China, and away from American movies. We've been missing them...

So tonight we went to see "The Dark Knight" and it did not disappoint. If anything, it took the breath away. It is incredibly dark (as the title suggests) and incredibly sad. Its sadness comes from two places; the fictional drama, and the reality of Heath Ledger's permanent absence. However, despite the unhappy material, the movie is fantastic. Fantastic performances all around - in particular, Ledger (duh). Fantastic story line, as well as character development.

I'm sorry this post is a lot of blah blah about the movie, but it's SO exciting to watch a movie again! And the movie was so damn great!
I recommend it - and that's not just China talking.

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