Tuesday, August 12

LOL Laundry

It's a running joke that Tom and I are always "going to do laundry" or "need to do laundry." And at our old shitty apartment we could wait and wait and wait (approximately 3 weeks), usually to the point where Tom was out of underwear which signaled our break down to do some laundry. See, we could wait so long because our laundromat enabled us to do mass quantities of laundry in one sitting. We'd typically do 5 loads of washing and drying. Of course, after completing said laundry, within a few days we'd start telling everyone that we needed to do laundry and for the next 2 or 3 weeks, we were always "doing laundry" without doing it. The problem with this is that it feels like we're always doing laundry because we're always thinking/talking/trying to do it. So over the past few years, I've started to hate it. Now that we're living in a regular house with only one washer and one dryer, laundry is not as big of an event. We're working on it little by little like regular people, one load at a time. I'm trying not to forget when there's wash in the washer or clothes in the dryer.

But it's hard...in fact, I think there are sheets in the washer now.

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