Wednesday, August 13

Pick Your Pick

I think it's time for me to start using anti-aging/anti-wrinkle/SPF moisturizer. I'm 25. It's never too early to start delaying looking old. Lately I've noticed a few little dark spots (possibly *gasp* age spots) around my eyes and on the apples of my cheeks. I must confess, I have some bad face-care habits. See confession:

  • I only wash my face when I shower
  • I only shower every couple of days (no, I don't stink...)
  • I touch/squish/pick my face too much
  • I am hard on my eye skin (i.e., I use a q-tip daily to remove mascara leftovers)
  • I smile a lot - not necessarily "bad" but it does make wrinkles
  • I don't moisturize my neck, which is now getting a few wrinkles
Of course, I'm not a complete idiot. I do lots of things to protect my skin as well.
  • I wear sunglasses religiously to fight crows feet
  • I moisturize
  • I use sensitive skin face wash
  • I use blackhead removing nose strips
  • I stay out of the sun and I use SPF 50 sunscreen
  • I'm Asian
I'm not 100% high maintenance, and I'm not necessarily sold on the idea of perpetually looking 20. I am, however, a fan of taking good care of my face - as it is something people have to look at. Everyone hates the idea of looking old before their time, which explains all the drastic treatments and procedures we've got, but I say "all things within reason," including looking young. When I'm old, I know I'll have wrinkles and age spots and my hair will go gray. But that's okay because I have a plan; whether I dye my hair or keep it gray, I'm going to grow it long long long and then pile it on top of my aged head in a huge ass bun- you know, for dramatic effect. Whatever my face looks like (age 30 or 90) the bun should detract attention.


Kenley's Korner said...

Oh I can't wait to see it, Johanna the LIBRARIAN!! Love your blog, it makes me laugh especially now when I really need to! Thanks~

Gretz said...

What a lovely blogger you are my dear, so great a writer and everything is so interesting and short when need and full when needed, you are the one thing that is a constant inconstant in my life, I love getting to know you and sharing your oppionions and your feelings and thoughts. I love being in your mind and sharing. Your tent is blowing on the deck and Austin is sleeping in it tonight! Right! Love ya

longge said...