Friday, August 29

Itchy Throat?

My allergies are going insane. I believe this is due to:
  • The time of year
  • I keep forgetting to take my Claritin
  • My work location (a.k.a in the midst of farm animals)
  • It's windy and stupid outside

For those of you who don't have allergies, you are blessed. They really are one of the most annoying things to happen to a person. Allergies, the kind like mine, are just irritating enough to disturb everyday life. I wake up in the morning with an itchy throat - and the only way to itch the inside of one's throat is to rub your tongue all along the roof of your mouth. I hate doing this action because it makes a yucky glucky sound (and sometimes you gag) but there isn't really another way. And when your throat is itching like crazy, you'll do anything.

Then, of course, the eyes start to itch. If I'm wearing makeup I just rub by the tear duct, or sometimes scratch the bottom eyelid. But if I'm not, I just rub my eyes until they're good and red. Then I use an ice cube to cool and soothe them.

And all the while, I'm sniffing. My nose isn't really stuffy or runny, it just doesn't feel regular, so I sniff constantly throughout the day. I don't believe in nose blowing because it doesn't help the situation; you're simply relocating snot to the part of your nose where it is visible. I'd rather keep the snot in my nose and away from my face. Plus, that red/irritated nose look is not cute.

So, if you see me gagging while rubbing my eyes and sniffing, it's allergy season.

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