Thursday, August 14

Back in the Saddle

A few months ago me and some friends at work were having a weekly weigh-in to help motivate us all to lose a certain number of pounds by a certain day. If you didn't lose your 2 pounds for the week, you paid $10. The contest went on for 8 weeks. Uh, needless to say, it cost me a lot of money. In order to help us maintain our weight loss we decided that we would have a re-weigh-in on September 15th. The rules are: be within 5 pounds of your last weight or pay $100. I've been lucky, because I went to China and China gave me a lovely little case of (excuse me) diarrhea. Ever since my return, I've been able to get away with eating a lot of shit that I don't normally indulge in.

Well, NO MORE!

I hate to say it, but it's time to get serious. I'm right around the 6 pound gain mark, so even though I only need to lose a little to avoid the charge, I'd like to be below what I was at the end of our prior contest. Friends, the time is NOW - I've got about 1 month to go to the gym daily, eat less, and drink a lot of coffee. Viva my $100!


always curious said...

Wow...on my way to bed, I thought--I wonder if Breck or Johanna have written anything in their blogs since coming home?--so I checked. I am so glad I did!
What a delightful bit of nighttime reading. Funny. Informative. Good.

At first, I was concerned that the decision to come home from China my come with an unwanted visitor--regret. However, since reading your blog, I realize that the two of you have something that people search their entire lives for; the ability to trust yourselves and each other to do what it right for YOU. No matter what anyone else thinks. This is a rare trait to find in ones so young...I call it wisdom.
Good for you!
There is nothing like the USA for an American. Glad you are home.
I love your writing!! ap

Gretz said...

Coffee! wow, x@$#$@### oh well, may I suggest that you drink lots of water, green tea works great too, lots and lots of it. I knew you should have taken that file I showed you on weight loss. I love you so much@ you are great, not quite as great as you life time mentor and freind, who is always the knowegeble one and the smartist, Me, love , Mommers