Friday, August 22

Get Lost

I can't see very well at night. I mean, I wear my glasses, and that helps, but my night vision is equal to an old lady. I'm not sure when or where it started to happen but it sucks. So, that said, tonight after work I went up to our friend's new house in Clinton. I've been there once or twice before but I've never driven myself. Nor have I driven there at night. Nor have I experienced my friend's lack of ability to give directions.

The only information I needed was "which exit do I take?" This is not difficult - you just have to tell me what number or what name the exit has. I was told to take the Syracuse exit. Such an exit does not exist. It says "Syracuse" on one of the side exit signs, which I could not see. The main exit reads "Antelope Drive." Hmm. So, needless to say, I passed the correct exit and called in a frenzy because I knew I was speeding towards "too far away." Phone call went as follows:

Me: I think I went too far. There isn't an exit that says "Syracuse."
Tom (distracted): Uh, you missed it? Where are you now?
Me: I know I went too far...
Tom: Let me get Alejandro.

Alejandro: Yo.
Me: I missed the exit - which one should I take now?
Alejandro: Um, let me get my wife.

Oh my God - People - I am driving on the freeway at 75 mph! We must make quick decisions. It's not like I can just "pull over real quick" and wait for you to tell me where to go. Grrr. I hate nothing more than people who do not know where they live or how to tell people how to get to where they live. Of course, I stupidly forgot that my fabulous iPhone has GPS. I should have just asked for their address, plugged it into my phone, and followed its simple no-fail instructions.

Note to self: save yourself grief and rely on yourself.

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Heather said...

Next time just call the wife!!