Monday, August 18

Rollers, Rollers, Rollers

Some of you out there may think that hot rollers are a thing of the past. You are wrong. In fact, hot rollers are one of the most fantastic hair devices ever created. If your hair is long, you simply wrap it up via rollers and then 20 minutes later, your hair is voluminous and wavy. And while your hair is wrapped up, you have plenty of time to apply makeup, brush and floss teeth, pick out clothing, eat, and a variety of other prep activities.

I, however, after our failed attempt to move to China, find myself without hot rollers. So I went to THE store (that being Target) and perused their selection. Many different styles, many claiming 'ionic conditioning' and so on. Some heat in "5 minutes or less" and some have fancy clips. After extensive deliberation I chose a set with only large and medium sized rollers with heated clips, thinking they would be great.

They are not. I hate them. I returned them. The search continues...

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Kenley's Korner said...

Whatever happened to daily blogging? I knew you would never keep it up, lol!