Sunday, August 10

How Cold Is It?

I went on a little trip with mi familia up to Bear Lake today. It was quite fabulous although quite cold. Bear Lake is a family tradition - and while we usually go camping lakeside for a week, this was just a day visit. Neil Diamond is also a member of our family - as my parents love him (and I don't think he's too bad either) - so he came on the trip with us via CD. My dad was actually singing along! The drive was beautiful through Logan canyon and the lake was so blue. Once we arrived at South Eden beach my mom and dad switched into their swimming suits (I was bright enough to have mine already on) in the surprisingly clean and non-stinky outhouses. Then it's off to the water, excuse me, freezing cold water. Austin jumped right in, and my mom pretty much jumped right in. It only took me 20 minutes. You see, Bear Lake swimming requires a specific process of walking in a little and then waiting for that body section to become numb (or "used to the water"). You do all kinds of little tricks to force your body to stay in the refrigerated water. Like, you back up and let some of your self out of the water, then head back in so the water feels "warm." Or, you can put the control in the lake's hands by standing still and letting the waves break in higher body parts. I utilize all tricks to get myself wet. It's long, but fun. Especially because the entire time I was wading in, my mom was attempting to get on her air mattress.

After swimming for a couple hours, we headed back home and stopped to get fresh corn. I'm not so good at picking the corn - but it was only $2.00 for a dozen! It was a really fun day trip with my family. I recommend it to all of you!

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