Monday, August 25

That Was Completely Useless

Please explain how the following medical exam (circa 1950) can deem me fit for work:
  1. Raise your hand when you hear me whisper
  2. Read aloud the smallest font you can see
  3. Read aloud this short story
  4. Look for the numbers in colored circles to prove you're not color blind
  5. Pee in this cup and then dispose of the urine yourself (ewww)
  6. Wait, wrapped in a paper gown, for 30 minutes
  7. Breathe in and out through your mouth
  8. Say "Ahhhh"
  9. Check your reflexes (which seem a little slow...)
  10. Stand on your toes
  11. Stand with your feet together, close your eyes, and then raise your arms

You may now return to work.

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