Tuesday, August 19

I'm a Nerd

Everyone has certain things that they do that they don't want anyone else to know that they do. Does that make sense? For example: some of you out there may watch an excessive amount of E! Television (I know I do) or you may read a lot of romance novels (I do not). Lately I've been doing something even my husband gives me a hard time about. As soon as I begin he calls me a "nerd" and makes jokes like "you're starting to smell..." or "you're losing your social skills" and so on. It's funny, and all in good humour, but it is true that I'm a little embarassed.
I'm reading a graphic novel. For those of you who think I'm talking about a dirty book - let me enlighten you to the nerdier side of life with this link. However, in my defense, the graphic novel I'm reading is 'Watchmen.' The only graphic novel to win the Hugo Award and the only graphic novel to appear on Time's list of "100 Best English-Language Novels."

How did I come across this gem? Simple - they are making it into a movie, due to come out 03/06/09, which (nerd alert) someone pointed out to me are the other numbers on the clock besides 12. Cool. And after seeing the preview I wanted to know more about it. A friend lent me the novel and BOOM - I am become nerd. But it's okay because I love the story, so much that I'm overlooking the stereotype and just indulging in this interesting genre.

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