Sunday, October 5

Closed For Business

So, you know how I'm dieting...

So everything sounds delicious to eat because you aren't really supposed to eat much - that is the nature of a diet. Sunday means it's weigh-in day and my friend and I have the brilliant idea to not eat (duh) before we weigh in and then after we make our weight for the week we will eat Cafe Rio salads which I will pick up via trip to work. Yum-O!

Okay, not so much, because Cafe Rio is fucking closed on Sunday. What?!?

As I'm falling asleep the night before I realize that I don't need to leave early for work in order to pick up our salads because no one will be in the building to accept my phone call, place my order, make my food, or accept my money. Damn. Foiled again.

Either Cafe Rio is an asshole and they don't want us to eat their salad, or they are trying to help us lose weight. If it's the latter, don't help. I hate "help" with my diet when I'm really really hungry.


Caitlin said...

You are so hilarious. Keep blogging because I love reading!

Jen said...

Stop at Bahio. Same shit, different restaurant and apparently not into "Sunday is our day of rest" and no, I don't know where the hell one is besides the one in Sandy.