Monday, October 13

So Strong

If you are a woman between the ages of 18 and 108, may I recommend a bone strengthening regimen of some kind?

We women have the unfortunate problem of losing bone density as we age and then compounding the problem by doing nothing to slow/prevent this bone density decrease. What exactly will happen if we don't slow the horrid process of thinning bones?
  • possible hunch back (gasp!)
  • broken hip
  • brittle bones
  • inability to jump around
  • osteoporosis

Of the cases of osteoporosis in the U.S., 80% are women. Yeah, that's us. See, the tricky thing is that you can't feel your bones unless they're broken. Over the years your bones are slowly deteriorating and you aren't even aware of it - unlike other aging processes like thinning hair, thinning lips, sagging breasts, fine lines, and other gems of a long life.

So, in order to kick this problem out the door, you've got to take some action and you've got to take some calcium and vitamin D. The worse thing for your bones is a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Here is a list of ways I'm going to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis:

  • eat almonds (calcium)
  • eat dark green leafy veggies like broccoli (calcium)
  • enjoy a delicious calcium supplement like Viactiv
  • eat tofu (calcium)
  • drink calcium fortified orange juice
  • get some sun (vitamin D)
  • eat egg yolks (vitamin D)
  • lift weights
  • walk or jog regularly
  • climb stairs
  • dance

Sounds like fun! Show your bones some love by treating them right so they'll be sure to treat you right for years to come.

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Why do we need to jump around?