Thursday, October 9

What Are You Reading?

Now. Let me state for the record that I am a huge fan of the "fun" read. You know, those books that are 80% fun and 20% substance. And I love books of this sort - and I read many of them. I have read Harry Potter and Lemony Snickett and Fablehaven and Twilight...oh, no. I haven't read Twilight. And here's why.

Seems to me (and others) that some of you out there are reading these "fun" books and not enough of the other sort. You know, the sort that is 80% substance and only 20% fun. And not reading this other sort is handicapping your ability to form an interesting opinion. And then when we try to talk to you about the "fun" books you only say things like: "Oh my god, I love Edward" (or is it Edgar) and "Harry Potter is so good."
Maybe you can elaborate on your opinion?

Or maybe you think I'm being a snob (which is usually true) or that I'm being too opinionated but, in my defense, may I point out the following aspects of my character:

  1. I watch E! Television for fun
  2. I read books for fun and also often just say "I love this book. It is so good."
  3. I AM opinionated
  4. I am forced to blog about said opinions, even if they come off rude/catty/snobbish


And honestly, I was in the Enligsh department, and I really really hated those classmates who said "Oh, I haven't read Harry Potter" or "This summer I've been reading Voltaire and I love it" or other noxious sayings that made me barf into my backpack. Reading should be done for pleasure and sometimes it should be for growth - and it can always be for both.

BUT even if you are reading a fluff book - your brain can function and talk about anything in a constructive-criticism fashion. Do so. Immediately. Or I won't be asking you what you're reading.

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j.l. clyde said...

Agreed! I avoid talking about literature with the majority of people I know for this very reason. Some of my coworkers learned this the hard way after I inadvertently insulted them with comments like "what did you read before twilight?" and "but what did you like about it?"