Thursday, October 16

You're Missing Out

It's Wednesday and it's time for a dinner with friends. And we find out that, sadly, our friend who was supposed to be going in the Peace Corps and flying away to Africa to save the world in November, found out that she is now a "no-go."

What the fuck, Peace Corps? What is your problem? If you were a person I would speak to you like a child and then yell at you. Then, perhaps I would spit.

You see, about a year or two ago Tom and I tried to go into the Peace Corps to China - and they told us no. And I would like to say that I hate them now, but I know that just comes from the anger at being rejected.

What better than to be a volunteer; spreading the goodwill (the best part) of the United States? Being able to indulge in cultural exchanges and just be your wonderful self and meet other wonderful selves and at the end of the two years you get $6000, non-competitive job eligibility, and a great add-on to the resume.

I'm sad for our friend - but you know what, it's the Peace Corps who should be sad. They are missing out on fabulous volunteers; smart, funny, witty, open-minded, and hard working. Missing out.

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