Saturday, October 25

How to Deal with Stress

Oh stress, how I hate you. You enter my life and fill it with nervous energy, heartache, headache, and obssessive compulsive habits. If you are a person like me - you get stressed about a wide range of fascinating things. Here are some ways I like to cope:

  • eating, followed by not eating
  • sleeping
  • grinding my teeth while sleeping
  • picking at my hangnails
  • tapping my fingers
  • staring off into space - mind reeling
  • running
  • pacing
  • clenching my jaw
  • putting my hand over my mouth, like I'm horrified
  • counting to 5 over and over
  • list making

Obviously these are not very effective ways in which to rid one's self of stress or dealing with stress in the present. So, as a backup plan, I have a husband who does much better than me. He usually deals with my stress and his so that I can fret in my own fashion, and he can actually DO SOMETHING. This comes in quite handy.

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