Monday, October 27


I live with my father-in-law at the moment. Tonight I came home to the following note:

Shut up
I don't want to talk about it

And on the counter on the cutting board was a wallet with a fork, knife, and spoon within. I re-read the note, not exactly sure what was going on. Tom came up and I started laughing. I asked him, "What does this mean?" pointing to the note and the wallet. And then I saw the kitchen table. On the table on a towel were the contents of his wallet; receipts, money, cards. I touched the cash. It was wet.

Yes, he had washed his wallet. I suppose the silverware was in the wallet to help the inside dry. This story makes me laugh, in particular, I love the spelling error. "Shutu" followed by "Shut up." Ha ha.

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