Wednesday, October 22

What's Wrong with Weather?

You know, weather gets an unfair profile as a boring subject. People make jokes about bad conversations where you talk about the weather - as if the conversors were unable to think of anything interesting to say. Weather also has the reputation of being the "polite" topic; proper for party small talk and distant relatives.
I for one, think the weather is a fabulous and interesting subject. It's universal appeal and lack of ability to offend makes it 100% available for discussion amongst the most diverse crowd. Not to mention that we live in a state with 4 distinct seasons and within those seasons, the weather can be quite elaborate. I talk about the weather because I am always thinking about the it and how it influences my mood/feelings/opinions. The state of my physical body allows for inner reflection and creativity. Sometimes when the snow starts to fall (even though I hate the aftermath) the beauty of it makes me feel peaceful. Or during the summer - I love the heat of a sun filled car. When it rains and the hem of my pants gets wet, I'm angry. The weather makes me feel and makes me interesting.

The weather is like a constant friend:
a friend that always has good gossip
a friend that entertains you when you're bored
a friend that saves you from awkward silences
a friend you always love - even when you're angry at them

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