Tuesday, October 14

Sweater Shopping

Fall is only fun if you have multiple sweaters to wear. Because let's face it, in the fall the majority of people only see the sweater you're wearing over your regular clothes which no longer provide sufficient warmth.
So I'm trying to look for sweaters that I a) don't hate; b) don't itch too horribly; c) don't cost too much. You see, sweaters are something I have a hard time spending money on.

I'm not sure why this is (I feel the same way about coats). I think it's something to do with outerwear. I can't stomach the money on a clothing item that is purely seasonal. Of course, the truth is: sweaters for me are not seasonal. I'm always cold so I am usually in need of sweaters year round - especially considering that central air conditioning works overtime to provide a breeze like winter air.

So. I've got to suck it up and invest in some nice sweaters to make fall fun and keep my arms warm. If you happen to see some cute, non-itchy ones at the right price lying around, drop me a line.

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